Passive Aggressive Husband

corazon copy Appreciate yourself first, regardless!


 We are reaching out to the number of those readers who are facing a not so good anniversary....the abusive husband ignores her birthday!

Sending our support, and ideas on how to experience a more positive holiday....and the message is:

you are not alone! we are thinking on how this challenge can be made less hard and the pain less hurtful!

Feel free to share here if you expect some disappointment tomorrow, and perhaps of what you created as your "Plan B."

Are you doing something fun, invited by someone or not?

Are you giving yourself a nice present, even if it is a space and time of peace and quiet badly needed?

Are you congratulating yourself for being strong and resilient, even in the middle of love scarcity?

And, are you giving yourself and others the appreciation that is so needed for us all to keep living creative lives?

Here, with all our appreciation to you, because you are here sharing this post with us, we remember a previous post:

Keep feeling happy and content because you are a precious person, surviving and overcoming all obstacles in life...

And stop depending on his appreciation to feel that you are a complete, healthy and happy human being.

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