What is behind the silence of a passive aggressive husband? anger or sadness?

Why does it happens that good contact gets replaced by stubborn silence?  and we just get silent treatments and sexless nights instead of the love we imagined? Is it work-pressure, lack of time or another love failure to account for this sad … [Read more...]

The “Passive Aggressive Behavior” Meaning

When people ask: "what is the meaning of passive-aggressive?"  After so many conversations about the passive-aggressive meaning we have had here, today I want to spell it in very clear terms:  When people ask: "what is the meaning of … [Read more...]

What if you had an early warning about his emotionally unavailable heart?

When did you realize he was behaving emotionally unavailable? Would you like to know from the start if your chosen one grew up with a lack of emotional response? I always imagine how my life would have been if someone had sent me a disclaimer, … [Read more...]

How to manage your husband’s passive aggression

How to manage your husband's passive aggression: You have spent considerable time researching this issue...because your gut feeling is telling you about the huge gap between what his words say and his acts tell you... Let's say that, at this … [Read more...]

Do you dream of a marriage at peace?

How can you have a marriage at peace? Probably we all marry with as little preparation and understanding of the marital dynamics as we can. Uncounted moments of marital strife can erase the magic of the first encounter, and whittle away any hope … [Read more...]