Passive Aggressive Husband

Wishing to let go of the abusive husband in your life?

letting go of abuse

Wishing to let go of the abusive husband in your life? I know, I was thinking in the same vein…perhaps planning how to let go of old grudges and repair or forgive old hurts? Or perhaps stopping them from happening now for good? This season invites us to do this process of cleaning up what […]

Would you see your passive aggressive husband as a lost child?

Could You See Your Passive Aggressive Husband As a Lost Child? Today, I just want to share this message about any passive-aggressive husband. I’m taking the bold step of describing him as an emotional cripple, a “lost child” who never can believe he is good enough for you… Please, allow me this comment, so different […]

Learning how to love and connect, to have a healthy relationship!

All this year, working on some issues about how to love and connect, we have developed a line of thinking that goes like this: We all have different humans needs, modulated in the shapes that our attachment provided for us. We all have needs for love and connection, but you will express them normally if […]