Humiliated in public? this is what you need now!

When I feel that “I’m Humiliated in Public,” the dream I’m yearning for is... respect and equality.

Some 84 % of the responses expressed dreams consistent with:

1. “I would like to feel that he is there to prevent injustice, not perpetuate it. It is a double standard, because he would never stand for any form of humiliation from me, and I would pay dearly for such a vicious act.”

2. “A long time ago, I criticized him in public, and he responded viciously in front of my friends. I could never forget that, but now he has a need to appear perfect and wants people to believe we have a perfect relationship, void of any disputes or problems. Most of the time, he has convinced even himself that this is indeed reality. So he treats me better than before...I dream that this behavior is for ever."

3. "Just as he does not want his previous mistakes, foibles or insecurities tossed about for any one and every one to know, I would also prefer that mine are not available for public ridicule.”

In what other ways would you know that he is respecting you in public?

  • "He is sensitive to my feelings and others’ (the observers) feelings as well."
  • “He delights in me and my personality, and does not ridicule me, even in my weakest moments.”
  • “I can walk away from something embarassing and he lets me keep my pride.”
  • “He praises me in public and acts as if he is honored to be with me.”
  • “We use the golden rule and treat each other the way we want to be treated.”
  • "His attitude shows that I'm protected and honored.
  • "He shows that I'm sincerely loved and respected; so I'm happy and relaxed in public."
  • "I receive fairness and equality from the most important person in my life: him"

Now that we know what the dream is composed of, how could you get it?  By having a clear picture of what is the dream situation, you are doing a giant step ahead. Now that you know that respect and equality is what you wish for, how can you plan to obtain more of it?



Neil Warner

Neil Warner

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