Healing the hurt done by emotional abuse

  Are you living with emotional abuse at home? Emotional abuse creeps into a relationship bit by bit...now a bad word, a curse, or a negative comment done in public, and then it escalates into full-blown abuse. As long as the relationship has … [Read more...]

How Well Are Your Emotional Needs Met?

Here is a Valentine's Day question: How Well Are your Emotional Needs Met? You have a much better chance of having a long and happy relationship if your emotional needs are met. This is the basic and always forgotten marital contract: … [Read more...]

Living with a too controlling partner? Want a solution?

Tired of living with a controlling partner? This morning a delightful young woman taking care of my broken cell phone confided that she was going through a rough patch, "with my fiancee controlling everything I do...he accuses me of infidelity each … [Read more...]

The Sexless Marriage Kindle Book is FREE!

This is your Gift: Have this Book for FREE on: September 11 to September 14! All marriages have conflicts, that when not addressed touch all other areas of the relationship. Spouses have different styles and expectations about when, how much, in … [Read more...]

Living with a stone around your neck? Drop it!

HOW TO DROP THE STONE AROUND YOUR NECK   I realize now that he is a stone around my neck. He does not love me, he hates me and loves the game. He abandoned me a long time ago. He is handsome, well educated, has a good sense of … [Read more...]