Passive Aggressive Husband


abused womanAre you living with emotional abuse at home?

Emotional abuse creeps into a relationship bit by a bad word, a curse, or a negative comment done in public, and then it escalates into full-blown abuse. As long as the relationship has to develop and foster both sides growth and learning, one side can feel threatened by the other person's development...and begins to control it by using abuse.

Abuse is the face of fear: fear of being left behind, or feeling "put upon" by a brighter, faster partner, by a more well put together person besides you. Whatever the fear, abuse is the worst response a person can use, because it ends up destroying any trace of respect or love.

And, being so common and so tolerated by society, abuse is part of many relationships...The end result is a person feeling diminished, controlled and degraded by the same person that promised to love and respect her.

Want to have our support in your personal fight against abuse?

We have prepared a new tool for rescuing you from any abusive situation you can be in:

You can begin here with one of our books helping women fight back: The Overcoming Emotional Abuse Course. It's just starting now, and as part of it you will receive a copy of our book:

Emotional Abuse: The Hidden War for Power and Control in Your Relationship

Reading this book is only your first step...because you now can access a whole plan to rescue yourself from any abusive relationship!! We are waiting for you to share your situation with us and begin  to plan for your abuse-free new life!

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