Three steps to have a healthy relationship

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Woman having a healthy relationship

The 3 Steps to be Happier Now

1.- Face your issues. Avoiding your conflicts and inner struggles merely allows them to continue and to grow. Few issues go away on their own. Facing your weaknesses and struggles fuels your strength, no matter how painful they are. Don’t run away, and don’t bury your head in the sand. Embrace the challenge, and you will be far better off in the long run.

2.- Maximize the quality of your relationships. Think about your spouse, your children, your supervisor, your colleagues, neighbors and friends. Looking at your relationships is somewhat like looking into an emotional mirror. Your relationships offer a reflection of who you are. Nurture and strengthen them, and you nurture and strengthen yourself. The happier your relationships, the happier you will be.And your power tool here is appreciation. Be generous and find always something to value and appreciate, even if results are poor, validate the intent. Be generous with everybody here..

3.- Learn and practice mindfulness. Pull yourself back from living for the future, and stop yourself from dwelling on the past. Both are important to consider, learn from and plan for. But the most important place to live is in the moment, now. Be aware of what you’re doing and how and why you’re doing it. Be aware of what you’re feeling, and how and why you’re feeling it. Accept your feelings as the energy of your soul...The more mindful you are, the happier you will be.

Of course, sometimes you would feel like being far away from this possibility: taking your life in your hands and directing it towards more happiness...

Perhaps you think: "I'm in hell now, how could I understand or apply those ideas?" Well, even if those ideas register as some impossible dream in your brain...I will be happy if they are there. Displaying images that represent happiness and peace in your soul will, slowly and step by step, walk you home, through all the agonies that litter your environment now. Trust me, they will work its magic on you!

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