Five ways to use direct talk with a passive aggressive husband

Five tricks to use straight talk with a passive-aggressive husband.     While it is difficult to be a partner of a man who continually frustrates you with his passive-aggressive behavior, there are some things that a woman … [Read more...]

Breaking Free from the Silent Treatment!

Just click on link and begin reading!           Breaking Free from the Silent Treatment       … [Read more...]

When is the right moment to leave a passive aggressive marriage?

Some time ago, among the many letters from readers, a reader under the name "Kitten" wrote: "I have read the information in this blog. The "changes" in men seem to be because they "see the light" of their horrid ways.  How many times does … [Read more...]

The vicious circle of a passive aggressive marriage

The vicious circle of interaction in a passive-aggressive marriage The starting point is not clear. Perhaps she is taking over all domestic responsibilities by herself and he is enjoying the free ride; After some time, she begins resenting the … [Read more...]

Would you see your passive aggressive husband as a lost child?

Could You See Your Passive Aggressive Husband As a Lost Child? TODAY, I just want to share this message about any passive-aggressive husband. I'm taking the bold step of describing him as an emotional cripple, a "lost child" who never can … [Read more...]