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Do you wish to have extra holiday help now?  Somehow, out of our hearts' needs, you as a reader and we as bloggers connected before. In the past, we offered some ideas, you responded, and since then we have had this online conversation throughout your life and ours.... Something invisible, called trust has been developing. Our suggestions resonated with you and perhaps made your life a bit better: more peaceful, more harmonious...or perhaps there was hope being developed? Hope in a better life, with more love and understanding? We are all learning in our paths through life.

And sometimes, this learning is shared; we can tell others about our reflections and inspire each other...I find it great when I can identify some life lessons, and hear from people connected with me that they are coming to similar conclusions...Knowledge shared is a great strength; and the only use of our experience should be to be shared with others so they can grow and develop themselves....

Here at Creative Conflict Resolutions, we are very grateful of having you to share and use and support life lessons about emotional needs, healing and reconciliation. Again, thanks for being in our lives; for reading our postings and books, for growing along us, for commenting your own experiences in our blog, and giving us the opportunity to talk back....We are grateful for you being in our lives, and look forward to serve you with more ideas and support for a better life! Would you like to have a small gift to read and use along this weekend? you can download here our free book:  '7 Essential Skills for Happy Relationships' Happy Thanksgiving!

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11 years ago

Here is a video of Coach Nora explaining passive aggression:

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