Understanding Why Your Husband Uses Passive Aggressive Behavior!



"Understanding Why Your Husband Uses Passive Aggressive Behavior!"

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  1. i can not help but to respond to your articles. they are very encouraging and
    helpful. my husband is a pa as well as a covert aggressive. he was brought
    up in a legalist home. both his parents are pa as while as controlling and
    manipulative. i have learned that sometime these people must be confronted.
    but you must be calm and in control otherwise your the crazy one.
    my husband who is working in alaska tried to tell me that i have always been
    mad at him after sex. and told me that it was because i wanted a previous
    boyfriend. i would apolize even though i do not remember being mad. i finally
    called him out on all of this–i had not even been with anyone 13 years before
    meeting him. i told him that God had forgiven for what i did in my youth and
    he had no right to keep bringing it up. and that if i was mad that he should
    have asked what i was mad about and that he must  pretty insecure to
    keep bringing things up like this especially after 20 years. he finally has shut
    up and never brought it up again!!!!!!!!

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