The book: “Emotional Abuse” explains issues of power and control


To need a good attachment to other human is a basic human in life we are searching for that "other" who can complement us....

"Emotional Abuse: The Hidden War for Power and Control in Your Relationship"

When we are in search of a deep emotional connection, this need can be so important to us that we become blind to the danger signals sent by the other person's behaviors. We try to be emotionally connected, but the person we love has serious needs to be in control to feel connected...and feeling loved gets confused with being abused, fast.

It can get to the point when we are not sure what the difference between love and emotional abuse is, don’t recognize obvious emotional abuse signs or are not sure how to do emotional abuse recovery.

In this book, readers are invited to understand the core notions of emotional abuse and emotionally abusive relationships, and their differences with a loving, secure relationship.

It begins with definitions and explanations of why an emotionally abusive marriage happens, then works its way up to helping the reader analyze if she is in an abusive relationship.The book helps the reader find her own thoughts about her personal situation (or that of a friend), together with real, vivid stories of women who have survived abuse and grown from it into full people.

You might think that emotional abuse is easy to spot or define. But the reason so many people suffer from an emotionally abusive marriage is that it is hard to tell what is abusive and what is not, because lots of abuse is framed under "care." You have to ask whether your partner is hindering your development as an adult by the use of excessive control. You have to ask yourself whether or not the person you love is hurting you. A marriage has to be an equal relationship, but using control between partners destroys this balance and prevents their individual growth. Here is useful information about ways to decide if what you are experiencing is care or abusive control.

By addressing the signs of spousal emotional abuse, Nora shines a light on this painful issue. For readers needing support in healing emotional abuse, the next book of this series: “Breaking Free from Emotional Abuse: How to Restore Your Joy by Healing Your Life, will continue the support of the emotional abuse healing process.

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