Passive Aggressive Husband

How passive aggressive resistance to growth destroys any remaining love

toxic relationship

Sometimes married women write to me asking for advice for desperate situations… Hubby’s silence and lack of decision-making drive them into a wall. There is a difference between doing silence as a unique way of dealing with a challenging situation and doing passive aggression as a way to stop and control the normal life in […]

How to know the passive aggression signs?

WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR? We offer here a guide to understanding the hidden motivations that push a person to behave in a passive-aggressive way. You know that this behavior has a very high cost in relationships: basically is a sure-fire way of destroying intimate connections. Provides such a contradiction: how can […]

The “Passive Aggressive Behavior” Meaning

When people ask: “what is the meaning of passive-aggressive?”  After so many conversations about the passive-aggressive meaning we have had here, today I want to spell it in very clear terms:  When people ask: “what is the meaning of passive-aggressive?”  the simple and direct answer is: “Passive-aggressive behavior is a purposeful and disguised way of expressing […]