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Feeling alive and connected?

Just getting into summer, and the beach beckons. Here in Florida the snowbirds are gone, and you can have the beach all to yourself. You can shout, sing to the waves, and feel connected with the universe...even land on the sand carting a good bottle of prosecco wine to watch the moon rise and have a toast.

It's summer and we are in that particular part of the year where the push for making a living gets a bit lighter...letting the whiff of "time empty of stress" get to us. Looks like it's not the best time to focus on what pains us, but just surf on top of anything and relax.

Having a summer routine dulls even pain and boredom...we can be submerged in an easy routine, where there is a clear divide between us here and the dream life we imagined for us, just there..Not so far away from each other, but a real wall between the two.

What makes you happy in the summer? having some time empty of obligations? being able to play outside and go back to feel like a child under the sun? reconnect with a center deep inside us that keeps asking: is this the happier I can be?

I was re-reading some of my beloved authors from my past identity as a family therapist, and found this Ronald Laing’s quote that rings so true:

“There is a particular satisfaction in feeling that one understands another person, and in feeling that one is being understood."

So, just now evaluating how much do I feel understood by people around me, from my friends to my readers here, how do I tell people I know that I do really understand them (when I do), and basking in the feeling of connectedness it gives me. It's a good feeling, and it surprises me how I forget this feeling so easily when I get overwhelmed by work demands!

What gives you the best feeling while you are enjoying the summer, apart from the joy of being alive? How do you experience being connected with others, with your partner, with your pets, with the universe? Please, share with me here, will you?

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