The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband

Sometimes in life, decisions are not so clear cut. You know that you are not completely happy, but for different reasons you decide to stay and make the best of the situation you are in. Or you have young children at home, and you think they need the complete family around...whatever your situation, you have chosen for the moment to stay where you are.

How do you manage there? how to keep your self-esteem intact and growing? how to feel good regardless his negative comments?

You need some tools to help you manage a passive aggressive husband without despair!

How could you get more help? Beyond reading all the advice online, adding to the reflections you find here, perhaps you need special help, and you can find it in our ebook: "The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband."

Remember, you have a lot of phone and email support once you get your own copy of this ebook. You can talk with me, or send an email, or share in whatever form your issue, and we will provide a solution, ideas, and warm support. You will not feel alone in tis uphill battle to keep your sanity in the middle of a passive aggressive marriage.

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