How passive aggressive resistance to growth destroys any remaining love

Sometimes married women write to me asking for advice for desperate situations... Hubby's silence and lack of decision-making drive them into a wall. There is a difference between doing silence as a unique way of dealing with a challenging … [Read more...]

How to know the passive aggression signs?

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Can a passive aggressive husband change his ways?

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How to manage your husband’s passive aggression

How to manage your husband's passive aggression: You have spent considerable time researching this issue...because your gut feeling is telling you about the huge gap between what his words say and his acts tell you... Let's say that, at this … [Read more...]

A Xmas Truce in a Passive Aggressive Marriage? Use appreciation!

This is a Christmas proposition....and you are very welcome here! DO you remember the old stories in medieval times, when warring armies would stop the ongoing war and have a peace interval to honor Christmas? The truce story is part of all … [Read more...]