Do you know about the art of letting go?

We hear a lot about the fact that sometimes the only solution for our pain is "letting go..." What does it mean, and why it looks so difficult to accomplish? Do you remember attachment? we have explained in several ways how attachment works and … [Read more...]

Why do we have to live in difficult relationships?

IF LIFE IS LEARNING, what is that you need to learn in difficult relationships? The basics of learning in life are given to us in that school called “relationships.” We all need relationships to survive at birth and later to develop and thrive. … [Read more...]

Don’t Open the Door to Toxic Passive Aggression

You open the door to toxic passive aggression when you stop learning to rely on yourself and your self-esteem We all know by now that a large component of passive-aggressive behavior is the fact that the passive-aggressive person suppresses anger … [Read more...]

The National Relationships Repair Month Project has begun!

  Here at CCR we have this passion for providing new tools and tactics for our readers to keep learning how to improve relationships and so have happier lives. This the time of holiday wishes, and we wish for you to have more happiness than … [Read more...]

Planning to Repair your Relationships?

This blog is a long term journey, thinking about how to promote happy, healthy relationships, that we walk through each day. And, -of course- there is crisis time! Yes, the holidays are approaching and we are confronted with the need to evaluate … [Read more...]