What can be a real example of a toxic relationship in action?

Want to see a real example of a toxic relationship? Here is a late-night confession from a passive-aggressive husband to his shocked wife: “Last night my husband said that he really never wanted to do the same things that I did, so he pretended … [Read more...]

Ways to comfort and appreciate yourself, regardless the toxic relationship!

Appreciate yourself first, regardless!    We are reaching out to the number of those readers who are facing a not so good anniversary....the abusive husband ignores her birthday! Sending our support, and ideas on how to experience a more … [Read more...]

Do you know what causes a toxic relationship?

What are the causes of a toxic relationship? Relationship problems are common...And sometimes you have them over and over and over. Now there is a lot of good research on relationship pathology. So who can provide answers to fatal relationship … [Read more...]

Want to protect your sane mind, in the midst of this toxic relationship?

  How to protect your mind? Being able to recognize every day who you are, what you are here for....pretty basic stuff, isn't it? I do remember that in my past work as a therapist in a psychiatric hospital, our everyday mantra was: "always … [Read more...]

Being Ignored in Your Toxic Relationship Hurts!

Being Ignored in Your Toxic Relationship Hurts! What are the human needs of receiving some kind, caring attention? Looking for a new approach to the issue of healing the impact of passive-aggressive behavior in a marriage, I was thinking of the … [Read more...]