Passive Aggressive Husband

Why Passive Aggressive Men are so Attractive?

Quite often, we’ll have comments from readers wondering how they could have been so blind to their spouse’s passive aggression and the toxic feelings they create. Some wives admit that they went back to their husbands multiple times, acquiescing to what the husbands wanted, without really knowing why they took the risk of being hurt […]

An example of toxic relationship in action!

This is a real example of a toxic relationship from a reader: “Last night my husband said that he really never wanted to do the same things that I did, so he pretended he did want them first and then shot them down so he enjoyed the feeling of control. He has admitted that over […]

Ways to comfort and appreciate yourself, regardless the toxic relationship!

Appreciate yourself first, regardless!    We are reaching out to the number of those readers who are facing a not so good anniversary….the abusive husband ignores her birthday! Sending our support, and ideas on how to experience a more positive holiday….and the message is: you are not alone! we are thinking on how this challenge […]