Passive Aggressive Husband

Healthy Relationship Survey: are you represented here?

Living in a Non-Healthy Relationship has a real impact on your health! Now science tells us that a lot of marital stress can make you unhappy and also unhealthy. As to remind all of you that this blog is a constant conversation, where we share our particular stressful situation and find support and some answers, […]

How to Heal Damage from a Passive Aggressive Marriage

Steps to Heal Damage from a Passive Aggressive Marriage!   This is my Xmas message, and I want to be sure you get an inspiring message from here! Being in a passive-aggressive marriage slowly chips away at important parts of your self-esteem. Why not using the end of the year as an opportunity to make […]

The Price You Pay To be in a Passive Aggressive Marriage

Is There a Price To Pay To be in a Passive-Aggressive Marriage? While observing the interactions between the two sides of any couple, young or mature, engaged in a Passive-Aggressive Marriage, these inevitable questions are always there: What are the long-term consequences of this behavior on the other side? What kind of emotional or mental […]