Passive Aggressive Husband


Living in a Non-Healthy Relationship has a real impact on your health!

Now science tells us that a lot of marital stress can make you unhappy and also unhealthy.

As to remind all of you that this blog is a constant conversation, where we share our particular stressful situation and find support and some answers, I wish to share this page again:

Healthy Relationship Survey

Women in unhappy relationships have weaker immune systems and are more prone to illness than women in happier relationships.

A stressful marriage can be as bad to your heart as having a regular heavy smoking habit!

Each person's conflict style has a positive or negative impact on personal health.

How do we do conflict with loved ones, which emotional tone we use when we do conflict is what damages us. Negative styles as the passive-aggressive one have the possibility of hurting you in several ways.

When you fight with your spouse, and the marital battle lacks any signs of warmth, of respect,  of connection with each other ( no words such as 'darling, 'honey' ,'sweetheart,' are being used), (not a minor gesture with the hand, or patting the arm or shoulder, signaling constant affection in the middle of the battle is done), then you get to hit the most.

You get hostility and derision, silence and withdrawal, and signals that below the confrontation there is lacking trust in the fact that you are his equal, respected partner.

And all the other behaviors, like isolating you, mocking you, and making you the responsible party for all what’s wrong in the marriage add up. Indeed, each house is a world.

In each couple, there are behaviors frequently done, and behaviors missing.

  • What situation is making you unhappy now?
  • What would you like to experience instead of that behavior?
  • What are your dreams for your healthy, happy relationship?

We invite you here to share your thoughts. Please, look at the list as a draft of possible situations, check the ones that apply to you....

And feel free to describe what your soul wants instead. We are listening here because we plan to do a new series of books offering solutions to your direct needs. So, you are not alone!

Just write to us, fill the survey, leave a post...whatever the way you choose to talk to us, we are listening!


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