Passive Aggressive Husband

Why My Emotional Needs Are Neglected In This Marriage?

Are your emotional needs neglected now?   We received this poignant letter…the writer doesn’t ask for a response; only the possibility of being listened to in this important question: “Do my emotional needs have a place in this marriage?” Of course, you know the response: A healthy, supportive marriage is a home for your emotional […]

A Passive Aggressive Marriage Stops Connection

Do we connect or do we stop connecting? Many researchers (whether of the brain, psychology or communication and conflict) will agree that when we communicate with others, we are attempting to connect with those people on some deeper emotional level. This is true of a hurled insult as well as a warm hug. That means […]

Why is my husband doing more passive aggression after baby is born?

Is he showing more passive aggression after your baby is born? Perhaps you have noticed that when there is more excitement but also a lot more things to be done around baby and household, your husband’s resistance is greater, his absence more obvious, and your general sense of isolation deeper. You can be hurt, puzzled, […]