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The holidays are in full swing and often we find ourselves needing holiday help because we are separated into 2 groups of people at this time of year: the Grinches and the Whos.  For many people, the holidays are not all about cheer and light and laughter.  “Happy Holidays” doesn't take into account that we can be seriously missing someone, feeling the weight of disappointments from the previous year like loss of a  job or even the end of an important relationship, or faced with the anxiety and fear or spending time with abusive family members we usually get to avoid.

Yes, it is important not to dwell on the negative, however, just like with concerns in a relationship, ignoring the sadness or stress of the holidays doesn’t make it go away.  Recognizing what makes your holidays less than blissful is important in being able to experience and even add to the cheer of the season as well.  Commonly the biggest cause of dread over the holidays is damaged or damaging experiences with the people you must face through these weeks of dinners, parties and visiting.

Do you feel this sense of dread, of anxiety over keeping calm during frustrating get-togethers, smiling when you are hurt or upset so as not to “ruin everything,” or walking on eggshells waiting for that one person to blow up?

Keeping in mind that the real intention of “Happy Holidays!” is a wish for you to be happy, not pressure to be, allow yourself to learn more about what stresses or hurts you during these holiday interactions and get some help in making improvements.  So we wish you Happy Holidays and invite you to take care of yourself this season by reading more and joining the discussion on how to make the best of this season. You can also register here to get all the benefits of the site.

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