Is There an Art of Living With a Passive Aggressive Husband?

Are you asking yourself about the art of living with a passive aggressive husband? Perhaps you are at the exact moment of putting the puzzle together...the long silences, the hiding of information about shared expenses, that constant emotional … [Read more...]

Who Am I? Please, Remind Me Who I Am?

Can I ask your attention now, when I can’t remember who I am?   We are the product of many ongoing interactions. The “YOU” that woke up this morning in your own bed and is now writing this, is the handiwork of parents and friends, siblings … [Read more...]

Taking a flight to freedom, escaping marital loneliness

Getting back to a good idea! Have you been for too long in a relationship like this? "I am numb and go about my day totally confused, lost, lonely and feel like I’m on the edge of losing it and I don’t know what’s keeping me from … [Read more...]

Passive aggression has a heavy impact on us…

How does passive aggression impact you? The same one where you go through months and years of silence, confrontation, and no love connection at all? From the answers to our readers, We spend months and years with the gnawing feeling that things … [Read more...]

How to build trust in marriage?

Trust in marriage is probably the most important building block for a secure relationship between husband and wife The most wonderful part of a loving marriage is the ability to trust your mate—trust that he will be true to you emotionally; trust … [Read more...]