Withholding Sex: How Do You Keep Yourself Alive?

  In a previous post about sexless marriage, we discussed the issue of passive aggressive husbands withholding sex in the marriage. It is a form of punishment that tries to keep you under his control. However, we can also understand it as … [Read more...]

Having a healthy relationship with yourself!

  How to develop a healthy relationship with yourself Yes, we hear you...how can you be in the mood to celebrate your other people, if you feel like in the middle of this constant emotional desert? After so many abusive expressions and … [Read more...]

When your friends are attacked, how bad do you want to stop the attack?

When I feel that “My Friends are Attacked,” the dream I’m yearning for is… mutual admiration. 80 % of the responses expressed dreams consistent with ideas such as: 1. “Why does he has to show always that he is superior to my own friends? There is … [Read more...]