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How to develop a healthy relationship with yourself

Yes, we hear can you be in the mood to celebrate your other people, if you feel like in the middle of this constant emotional desert? After so many abusive expressions and demeaning "jokes" you feel like there is no self-love in you!

If you don't receive open signals of others appreciating you, how can you experience what you don't have? 

I want to turn the whole conundrum on its head...and talk about your duty to love yourself first!

It's right: we need to talk about how to love and respect yourself first... And regardless any appreciation you could or could not receive from the world? Of course it can be done...but you don't need others to confirm that you are a very valuable is your birth right!

Are you with me? Yes? OK! here we go...

There is a cute, very effective way of connecting with your unconscious, called tapping. It's easy to do, doesn't include any kind of medication (not even chocolate!) and you can do it by yourself, any moment of the day. And I want to share here and now its basic mantra, the powerful phrase you tell yourself over and over again, to produce magical results:

Regardless of whatever happened and could even be happening to me now, I totally love and accept myself!

Are you excited now? Great, let's go to the video by Brad Yates, and follow the instructions...You don't need to argue or challenge the simple instructions; just follow them, rinse and repeat.

I can guarantee that you will feel better than before, you will have this aura of self-contentment around you and perhaps you can make lighter the prospect of expecting appreciative words you could (or not) receive from him. The secret is start admiring yourself, just now! And soon you will find aspects of yourself very deserving of appreciation.

Here is the link.....and happy tapping! Just let me know the impact of tapping positive thoughts into your present situation, by sending your comment here at this page's comments section. Thanks!

Tapping into Your True Magnificent Self  with Brad Yates

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