Passive Aggressive Husband

Is your Passive Aggressive Hubby Playing Mind Games with You?

  When I feel that he is “Playing Mind Games with Me,” the dream I’m yearning for is… being able to trust him. Here we had some 85% of responses expressing the following dreams: 1. “Sometimes I feel like it’s a lost cause to think we can ever communicate openly about why he needs to […]

How Does Passive Aggressive Behavior Make You Feel?

Once more I need your help. Over time, some readers have shared with us the emotional turmoil that living with a passive-aggressive partner creates for them; like feeling isolated from friends or losing self-esteem, among many others. Today  I would like to know how intense these feelings are in your particular case. This is why […]

Does Society Allows Passive Aggressive Men?

Passive aggressive men share certain ideas about what makes a man “man” We know that passive aggressive behaviors originate from childhood pain and an inability to deal with painful emotions,  and that way men interact with women, especially in the home, is often dictated  through a system based on control and domination. Let’s say that […]