Passive Aggressive Husband

How Passive Aggressive Husbands behave so distant?

What is the reason passive-aggressive husbands behave so distant? In any relationship developed with passive-aggressive husbands, any woman finds herself in the frustrating and confusing situation of loving a supposedly mature person who behaves in a very childish manner.  We call it “sabotaging emotional bonds.”  This man, rather than accepting his role as a supportive […]

Passive Aggression: The New American Epidemic?

In a recent article posted on AOL, Dr. Epstein (a Ph.D. based out of San Diego) revealed that 10 to 20% of American marriages are “sexless.” That is, sex happens once a month or less. Our neighbor in the blogosphere, PA Don’t Stand for “Palo Alto” has an interesting spin on this article that should […]

How Does Passive Aggression Kill Communication?

How does passive aggression kill the communication and love in a relationship? Wives of passive aggressive husbands share their stories. He has done a lot of the following behaviors to me: Saying he will do something and not doing it; Doing something half-assed, and then blaming me for attacking him when I confront him; Never […]