Count your blessings while recovering your power

Count your blessings now! If you are going to count your blessings in this season...I’d suggest that you can include an always forgotten element: your own power. What? you are going to say.. I’m here because there are so many aspects of my marriage … [Read more...]

Using appreciation to confront a passive aggressive husband?

It’s not easy to have a confrontation with your husband…first because not being ready to accept responsibility makes him more prone to denial and angry responses, and second because you don’t feel so confident in your own skills. What is the task? … [Read more...]

How to Stop the Feeling of “Walking on Eggshells”?

When I feel like "I’m Walking on Eggshells," the dream I’m yearning for is… confidence. An overwhelming 92% of the responses expressed dreams consistent with the following wishes: 1. “I wish that he loved to hear what I had to say and that … [Read more...]

Passive Aggressive Wife: Do You Know Her?

From all the correspondence, postings and requests we receive, the overwhelming majority are desperate wives complaining about their husbands. We have initiated this blog, which reaches sometimes 500 hits a day, to help those wives find ways of … [Read more...]

Verbal Abuse as a Way of Spouse Control

In a toxic relationship, the balance of power is manipulated by one side as to keep the control over the other person’s thoughts and behaviors. In order to make their partner feel inadequate or weak, the controlling person will use verbally abusive … [Read more...]