Catch Him in the Act: Passive Aggressive Behavior Identified!

Passive Aggressive behavior is a style of communicating negative feelings like anger, resentment, fear, and insecurity without actually expressing those feelings out loud.  The behavior is used almost as a “sneak attack” on the offender, hurting the … [Read more...]

Why We Choose The Wrong Partner for Us

In thinking about why you married your passive aggressive husband, your reaction is probably one of these: I married him because of ______, so I’m holding to see if I can get that back I have no idea why I married this _____, I must have been … [Read more...]

Divorce the Child, Marry the Husband

You have seen it all: The cold shoulder. The hidden anger and sly sabotage. The denial, the guilt-trips, the loneliness and fear of your own loved one. Why does a passive aggressive husband behave the way that he does? What brings him to cause you … [Read more...]

How A Controlling Husband Can Reduce his Need for Control

Is your husband showing a strong need for control? Here is a little discussed aspect of a passive aggressive relationship: when one person has a strong need for control another person,  doing controlling behavior, and the other resists and escapes … [Read more...]

Verbal Abuse as a Way of Spouse Control

In a toxic relationship, the balance of power is manipulated by one side as to keep the control over the other person’s thoughts and behaviors. In order to make their partner feel inadequate or weak, the controlling person will use verbally abusive … [Read more...]