Relationships are never frozen but moving ahead…

Sometimes,we see situations as frozen in time...completely fixated and impervious to change. Is really difficult to perceive the constant  change we  are going through...and it is easy to deny same changes in our partners..Our loved ones are also … [Read more...]

Passive Aggressive Attachment

What is a passive aggressive attachment? Passive aggressive behavior from a husband is not a reaction to the present wife or the present relationship; rather, it is a learned model of interpersonal attachment, wired in a person's brain early in … [Read more...]

Some times, it’s just all out war at home…

Thinking on different styles of doing conflict, I came across this message from one of the visitors of AskNora: When I was asking about her relationship with her husband, she said: "With my ex? It was war at home. He thought he could wear me down … [Read more...]

Having your Conflict Coach helps when changing behaviors

How is  having a conflict coach connected with a sporting challenge? Felix Baumgartner faced an almost unthinkable challenge last weekend and of course, the fear that naturally went with it.  The challenge and the fear nearly kept him from achieving … [Read more...]

How to Break Through his Silence Wall

Understanding passive aggression is not as hard as it seems. Many experts will try to explain passive aggression in official definitions like this: “Passive-aggression is a personality trait that is marked by a persistent negativity and passive … [Read more...]