“Don’t get near, I am emotionally unavailable and we will never connect…”

Emotionally unavailable partner? We understand!   Let’s imagine a person has been deeply wounded in childhood, with the results that he doesn’t believes that relationships work and that he can be loved, or respected by someone, and that … [Read more...]

How to Deal with a Difficult Husband

 Want to know how to deal with a difficult husband?   When we did a recent survey about the impact of your husband's behavior on your own emotional situation, the results show a consistent perception of not being loved, or worst feeling openly … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Card from my Hubby to his Mother…

  What show of affection are you getting this year? (FROM AN EMAIL JUST RECEIVED FROM CELINE, A READER....THANKS FOR THIS GORGEOUS EXAMPLE OF PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE COMMUNICATION!)         "I just found that my mother in law is going to get this … [Read more...]

Low self-esteem living with an emotionally unavailable spouse

Is your self-esteem getting low and lower?  Living with someone who is usually withdrawn and detached from you is heavy punishment to your self-esteem. Either you have selected this person to share your life because you need to compensate for past … [Read more...]

Passive Aggression Kills Love Hormones

Today, we are learning more and more about how your state of mind and your brain/body are connected. This definitely helps when dealing with a passive aggressive spouse, because it legitimizes the things you’re feeling. You have an effect that is … [Read more...]