Are Passive Aggressive Holidays Making You Miserable?

If you are living in a passive aggressive marriage, do you feel like you just can’t stand another holiday with this person  but can’t imagine spending a holiday alone?   The holidays often bring on a confusing increase in passive aggressive … [Read more...]

Silent Treatment Turns to Anger at the Holidays

The Silent Treatment causing anger at the holidays is not an oxymoron! Holidays bring out emotions in many of us that we are not used to dealing with the rest of the year, often feelings that are unexpected or even confusing.  The worst of those … [Read more...]

Nurture Your Emotional Needs, Enjoy the Holidays

Nurture Your Emotional Needs, Enjoy the Holidays In many families, emotional needs are under attack by snide comments and frustrating, irritating actions that can pile up faster than presents under the tree at the holidays.  Our worst sides show, as … [Read more...]

Having your Conflict Coach helps when changing behaviors

How is  having a conflict coach connected with a sporting challenge? Felix Baumgartner faced an almost unthinkable challenge last weekend and of course, the fear that naturally went with it.  The challenge and the fear nearly kept him from achieving … [Read more...]