How Does a Narcissistic Husband Control His Wife?

 When confronted with choices, humans tend to decide according to two different motivations: Humans have generally two life purposes that could be seen as in conflict with each other: a) you want to be happy with your partner; (oriented to … [Read more...]

Can a passive aggressive husband change his ways?

How can a passive-aggressive husband change his ways? As you continue to read our reflections here, perhaps you understand our basic concept: we think that passive-aggressive behavior is a remnant from the past, a behavior that was perhaps necessary … [Read more...]

How to manage your husband’s passive aggression

How to manage your husband's passive aggression: You have spent considerable time researching this issue...because your gut feeling is telling you about the huge gap between what his words say and his acts tell you... Let's say that, at this … [Read more...]

Relationships are never frozen but moving ahead…

Sometimes,we see situations as frozen in time...completely fixated and impervious to change. Is really difficult to perceive the constant  change we  are going through...and it is easy to deny same changes in our partners..Our loved ones are also … [Read more...]

How to Break Up With a Passive Aggressive Man

Are you ready to break up with a passive aggressive man?   OK, you have first discovered and later reconciled with the idea that you are in a passive aggressive marriage; You have discussed, talked and read as much as you can; You put … [Read more...]