The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband

 Are You Living With A Passive Aggressive Husband? It is common that people, and really men, decide that it takes too much time and energy to make the effort to sort their own emotions and solve conflicts in a cooperative way. The prevailing male … [Read more...]

Passive aggression and home duties

  Is your husband using passive aggression to avoid house chores? In a normal marriage, there is always going on a healthy negotiation about shared tasks, sometimes described as “marital division of labor.” Both can agree in a simple … [Read more...]

Questions and Answers about Passive Aggression

Sometimes, we need to share ideas with other people as to understand completely some conflictive issues...getting feedback helps us put issues in perspective. In this blog, we usually propose to you some texts that you can read and think about by … [Read more...]

Get free from emotional abuse

Breaking Free from Emotional Abuse: How to Restore Your Joy by Healing Your Life   This book aims to be one of the few that actually take into account the deep confusion victims feel about their abusers. It addresses the insecurity of the … [Read more...]

Living with a stone around your neck? Drop it!

HOW TO DROP THE STONE AROUND YOUR NECK   I realize now that he is a stone around my neck. He does not love me, he hates me and loves the game. He abandoned me a long time ago. He is handsome, well educated, has a good sense of … [Read more...]