Passive Aggressive Husband

Can you do Fair Fighting to Save Your Love?

Do you know about fair fighting to save your love? ll your life you’ve been trying to make this relationship work. We all know that even good-intentioned efforts can fail when you try to live with other people in love and harmony all the time, and it’s natural to assume that differences will bring some […]

A Passive Aggressive Marriage Stops Connection

Do we connect or do we stop connecting? Many researchers (whether of the brain, psychology or communication and conflict) will agree that when we communicate with others, we are attempting to connect with those people on some deeper emotional level. This is true of a hurled insult as well as a warm hug. That means […]

Fair Fighting at the Holidays Can be Fulfilling, Not Frustrating

Wait, you want to be fair fighting during the holiday season, right? Family tension, long to-do lists, in-laws, calendars packed with events and parties… the holidays are fraught with possibilities for conflict.  Yet most people will tell you the last thing they want to do at Christmas is a fight, again.   Everyone wants the holidays […]