A Passive Aggressive Marriage Stops Connection

Do we connect or do we stop connecting? Many researchers (whether of the brain, psychology or communication and conflict) will agree that when we communicate with others, we are attempting to connect with those people on some deeper emotional … [Read more...]

Can I count with your help? Are you my secure base?

Do you see me? do you love the things I love? We do all the time little requests for connection from/to each other. The usual "how do you do?" is an opening for a conversation that even when it does not happen, has the possibility installed there. … [Read more...]

Planning to Repair your Relationships?

This blog is a long term journey, thinking about how to promote happy, healthy relationships, that we walk through each day. And, -of course- there is crisis time! Yes, the holidays are approaching and we are confronted with the need to evaluate … [Read more...]

How can you love your Passive Aggressive Husband?

What are some things you can do to improve the atmosphere in your marriage? What are the little things that count when trying to seek happiness between the two of you? Here are some ideas for what you can do. Remember why you’re still here: In a PA … [Read more...]

Choosing Aggression Means Less Appreciation

  In a relationship, because we see our partner as someone we “choose,” we expect them to give us all the attention we crave. This is contrasted to relatives who are given to us, not chosen, and who don’t always give us the support we … [Read more...]