This is a tool for restoring good communication at home

SBWire Stop Suffering Passive Aggressive Behaviors and Enjoy a More Cooperative Marriage, with Powerful Coaching from CCR (via SBWire) Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- According to a recent survey done by the Conflict Resolution … [Read more...]

How to resuscitate a dying marriage

Wishing to resuscitate a dying marriage just now?  I just received some reader's letter, where she describes her utter desolation because she is watching her ex-husband doing to his new fiancée all those nice behaviors she was dreaming of: … [Read more...]

Learn How to Use Logic Over Emotions, to Negotiate With Him

Use Logic Over Emotions to Negotiate Better? Women firmly believe that communication in a couple works when we share what we feel. In our female to female conversations, what happens is that the other person feels invited to share also her feelings. … [Read more...]

How to Be Happy Regardless Any Emotional Abuse

How to Be Happy Regardless Any Emotional Abuse I don't believe in blaming the abuse victim and at the same time I've always subscribed to the philosophy that we are all somehow responsible for our own happiness. This does not mean we are to blame … [Read more...]

How to Stop Being Passive Aggressive

Do you want to learn how to stop your own passive aggressive behavior? Perhaps you’re just now realizing that your past marriage struggles were connected to your own behavior, or perhaps you've come to terms with the fact that you need help … [Read more...]