Passive Aggressive Husband

Is Your Love Story Rooted in Your Attachment Style?

How much our present love is rooted in an old attachment style? When we fall in love, the influence of this powerful emotion in us makes our perception to expand. Feeling secure and trusting, we tell each other everything; and our frustrations and negative experiences go away. We feel alive, smarter, sexier, and expansive to […]

The Passive Aggressive As A Love Starved Baby?

THREE Wrong assumptions about life, of which two are very important for passive aggressive relationships, are explained here:         1.- We believe that everyone has the same capacity for intimacy, so it is only a question of “bonding with each other,” and love will be there…WRONG!   When one person’s model for […]

Divorce the Child, Marry the Husband

You have seen it all: The cold shoulder. The hidden anger and sly sabotage. The denial, the guilt-trips, the loneliness and fear of your own loved one. Why does a passive aggressive husband behave the way that he does? What brings him to cause you and your family pain, yet still claim he loves you? […]