Passive Aggressive Husband

Build a Stronger Relationship: How to Deepen Trust

How to develop a stronger relationship, with deeper trust?   When you have a bit of time to catch up with your environment, you realize that news is coming at you with undue speed. You can choose from a menu including an international epidemic, a new war starting, persistent rumors coming from a permanent crisis […]

A secure partner is a responsive partner

How can we know if a person is a responsive and secure partner? When we imagine a life together with our chosen person, the mainframe of that image has to give us a sense of security. This security is an overall sense of confidence in a partner’s love and commitment to us. It includes also […]

Still waiting for Prince Charming’s arrival?

Are You Still Waiting for Prince Charming? Are you attached to him? Sometimes, some people need to hope and believe that falling in love will solve all the frustrated needs experienced before. The assumption is: “this person will be in my life, and all my needs for support, companionship, sex, and emotional stability will be […]