What if you had an early warning about his lack of emotional response?

Would you like to know from the start if your chosen one grew up with lack of emotional response? I always imagine how my life would have been if someone had sent me a disclaimer, some timely information; some deep and true revelation about the … [Read more...]

How the Silent Treatment Destroys Your Marriage?

  Have you noticed how the silent treatment destroys your marriage? We can understand it by looking at what the silent treatment, or the passive aggressive cold shoulder (also know as "ostracism"), does to us emotionally. According to the … [Read more...]

Is it Love Or Marital Control ?

Are You Under Marital Control?  Marital control is too common, almost automatic... done by finding ways of putting down the other. Perhaps we should be teaching this lesson to our 5-year-old daughters, so they grow up aware of what expects … [Read more...]

My husband’s cold shoulder made of my home a silent war zone

  How can the cold shoulder treatment destroy a home? Perhaps all of you know that in the section "AskNora" we have a live discussion about the topics related to this blog. Usually, and what breaks my heart so frequently, there is some woman … [Read more...]

Getting silent treatment instead of love in Valentine’s Day? Here is our love!

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