Passive Aggressive Husband

We invited you to a very personal conversation, opening up a space to talk about your dreams for a better and healthier relationship.

We invited you to share what you wish you had instead of an abusive and unhealthy relationship...

We told you: "Our deep needs for love and connection, never well expressed, are even more ignored by our partners...but we keep dreaming!"

And we provided a simple list of situations, almost a daily given for a lot of our readers at both our blogs, here and also at We were sure that, when anyone of these situations happen, each and every day, you are dreaming and waiting for the reverse experience to pop up.

Well, the response has been very moving! You poured out your heart's desire loud and clear....Each one is having a way with words to create the desired happy situation where we can all be secure, loved and respected.

And the responses are still coming!

Is your dream included here? Should it be?

We invite you again to write what is exactly what you dream of living, just the opposite of a present painful situation. In this form you are provided with a list of propositions that can be too long or too short, depending on your own circumstances, time or wish to express yourself as much as you want. Please, write whatever you want to say there, it's confidential and nobody will ask for your name....

We will collect and share your beautiful dreams later on, so please, answer as many questions as you feel inclined to.

We really value your answers and sincerely appreciate the effort of sharing what is in your heart.

PLEASE, go to this link, and you will be there!

Questions and Answers Form

Many thanks for sharing your dreams!

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