Passive Aggressive Husband

passive aggressive test


Reading the responses from people taking the test, we got a surprise: you are not alone! While you were thinking that you were doing this "test taking" by yourself, hiding under a fake male name, or your initials, others too.

It was really surprising for us to begin receiving letters from the wives, just telling about their experience taking the test! Yes, they are taking the test in place of their husbands...using his very frequent responses she can play the game of being him for the test and finish it. And receive the answer...

Why are they doing this? Because they need answers! What we find now is that receiving this answer can be very, some wife wrote about:“My epiphany day!” Hear her words:

"Actually, I just did the test, in the way that i see my husband. Been married nearly 38 years. I've been reading on your site, and what a HUGE revelation. I've always seen him as passive aggressive, even though i really didn't know the definitive meaning of that word; but just the sounds of it, fits him.

I've always seen him as Mr. sabotager; did a lot of reading hasn't been my imagination; it explains almost everything. In so many ways, I have seen that I married a man who is still emotionally a child.

But I have figured out enough, finally, that this is not because of me; this is his problem; I was always told that everything is my problem and that I'm ungrateful...on and on the story goes.

But reading the test results today, it feels like the veil has been lifted from my eyes; mainly that there really is a name for this behavior..."

So, you are using the test as a tool to validate your own perceptions! And in this process, you are having what this reader shared with us in her letter:


What are the three products of this epiphany?

  • You are out of the brain fog;
  • You stop blaming yourself;
  • You recover your own mind!

And, last but not least, now you can recover your own power: the power of your ideas: the power of thinking clearly and trust your brain again.

NOW: having an epiphany is good, but it's frightening if you don't know whatever you are going to do with this insight:

  • You could use this information to kick the table off;
  • You could use this new info as a permission to fight back;
  • Or you could use this power to redefine the rules of the game.

NOW WHAT? women in the situation like you are in, are probably looking for guidance for their next step. Where to leads the road ahead...?

Is it true that you need help to be able to see the next steps? Or perhaps what you only needed was having some external tool to clarify your mind, recover your power of planning your own life and now you can continue your path by yourself?

We will be waiting for your answers...meanwhile, you too can take the test, use what you know about your husband's motivations to do what he usually does when answering the questions, and get the response you need so much. Go ahead, take the passive aggressive test....we will be waiting for you here!

Neil Warner
Neil Warner
I'm the “relationship guru,” and my main focus is to increase the quality of love-based relationship experiences. In this ground-breaking guide I offer useful strategies on healing a difficult, angry relationship with love and compassion. You don't have to stay in an unhealthy relationship one more minute. Let us share our tools with you today.We can begin by you having a complimentary consultation with Conflict Coach, with a plan for action to change your life with new skills included. Just click this link and get started now!


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