End the Power Battle in Your Passive Aggressive Marriage

Are you doing the power battle in your passive aggressive marriage? End up feeling lonely and disconnected? Communicating your ideas in a passive aggressive marriage using a firm but still respectful way is an art that takes years to learn. We … [Read more...]

Some times, it’s just all out war at home…

Thinking on different styles of doing conflict, I came across this message from one of the visitors of AskNora: When I was asking about her relationship with her husband, she said: "With my ex? It was war at home. He thought he could wear me down … [Read more...]

Count your blessings while recovering your power

Count your blessings now! If you are going to count your blessings in this season...I’d suggest that you can include an always forgotten element: your own power. What? you are going to say.. I’m here because there are so many aspects of my marriage … [Read more...]

Learning from abuse to be happy with yourself? You Bet!

How to be happy with yourself after abuse? This post only contains Lucy Millen's words, in her Kindle book review: "Well, this is a different perspective...when I was in the saddest depth of my marriage, humiliated by his cruel words and … [Read more...]

How to Be Happy Regardless Any Emotional Abuse

How to Be Happy Regardless Any Emotional Abuse I don't believe in blaming the abuse victim and at the same time I've always subscribed to the philosophy that we are all somehow responsible for our own happiness. This does not mean we are to blame … [Read more...]