Passive Aggressive Husband

toxic relationship

This is a real example of a toxic relationship from a reader:

“Last night my husband said that he really never wanted to do the same things that I did, so he pretended he did want them first and then shot them down so he enjoyed the feeling of control.
He has admitted that over the years he has had me make plans with no intention of going through with them, only because it made him feel good to disappoint me like he had control over my feelings.

He even shot down some projects even when they were for his betterment and would have made him happy too, just to take them from my hands and enjoy my disappointment.”

What do we have here is one of the most egregious examples of a toxic relationship:

in order to keep control of his hidden rage and power grab need, this husband sabotages whatever joint project they can develop together. Now she is left confused, unable to trust even her own perceptions! How could she be so ignorant of his manipulations?

How to believe in herself now, after watching him twisting her perceptions as he wanted...Is this a gaslighting behavior?

Let's make no mistake: this behavior is incompatible with any good marriage. It sabotages any kind of cooperation and transforms a love relationship into a control game where one side is always down.

Do you call this love?

Of course, it is not! It’s only the pathetic behavior of a resentful child disguised as a husband. If you find yourself in this end, being controlled by the method of 'systematic frustration', you better begin looking at your PLAN B: How to leave a frustrating fight for power and control behind and create a really cooperative relationship?

Want to learn more about how to identify this passive-aggressive husband behavior?

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See you soon!

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