Passive Aggressive Husband

Is He Passive Aggressive?

Many women, confused by their husband's always defensive response, struggle to put a name on their relationship issues.

In some cases the use of passive aggressive behaviours may explain them.

This survey goes over a list of passive aggressive reactions, that you can observe in daily life.

You are invited to identify them, and grade their intensity.
Use your own experience to create your personal criteria about how hurtful a behaviour is/was to you.


1.Consider the way you and your partner communicate;
2.What response do you get when you ask him questions about their past experiences?
3.How much your partner delivers on his own promises?
4.How much your expectations of shared decisions as a couple are fulfilled?
5.Observe how he manages the inevitable couple fights?
6.How can you two finish a needed talk about an important issue?
7.How does he handle negative feedback or criticism?
8.How does he deal with his own emotions, such as anger or frustration?
9.How concerned is your partner with pleasing you or others?
10.How much do you rely on yourself, and how often do you ask him for help?
11.How does he views sharing and intimacy with you, his partner?
12.In daily interactions, who takes the initiative to connect?
13.How willing is he to compromise about issues that affect both of you?
14.What issues is your partner comfortable talking about with people in general?
15.How much emotion is he willing to show in front of others?
16.What would his reaction be if you tell him that he is behaving passive aggressively?

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