Passive Aggressive Husband

How to build trust in a passive aggressive marriage?

Rebuilding trust in a passive-aggressive marriage is the most difficult step for a secure relationship! The most wonderful part of a loving marriage is the ability to trust your mate—trust that he will be true to you emotionally; trust that she does what she says she will do; trust that your partner is the same […]

How to Have Healthy Relationships

Previously in this series, we’ve discussed how our emotional needs are met through physical intimacy with our partner (part 1) and how our attachment styles affect our approach to intimacy and needs fulfillment (part 2). To close out this series as an introduction to the brand new book Love, Sex, and Passive Aggressive Behavior, we’ll […]

Trust in a passive aggressive relationship

Each time you have a frustrating experience, because something agreed upon by your husband is not happening, you are a bit more disappointed than before. Is it right, then, that each new time you have a little less of trust in his word? Of course! What happens is that, after navigating the fog of double […]