Passive Aggressive Husband

Fair Fighting at the Holidays Can be Fulfilling, Not Frustrating

Wait, you want to be fair fighting during the holiday season, right? Family tension, long to-do lists, in-laws, calendars packed with events and parties… the holidays are fraught with possibilities for conflict.  Yet most people will tell you the last thing they want to do at Christmas is a fight, again.   Everyone wants the holidays […]

How Does Passive Aggression Kill Communication?

How does passive aggression kill the communication and love in a relationship? Wives of passive aggressive husbands share their stories. He has done a lot of the following behaviors to me: Saying he will do something and not doing it; Doing something half-assed, and then blaming me for attacking him when I confront him; Never […]

How to Deal with Your Passive Aggressive Ex-Husband

In general, you need to remember that how parents work with each other after divorce has an impact on how well children will manage. And you do care about how your children develop later in life, and want them to navigate this divorce with the least amount of harm possible. It is important to respect […]