Passive Aggressive Husband

Wishing to let go of the abusive husband in your life?

letting go of abuse

Wishing to let go of the abusive husband in your life? I know, I was thinking in the same vein…perhaps planning how to let go of old grudges and repair or forgive old hurts? Or perhaps stopping them from happening now for good? This season invites us to do this process of cleaning up what […]

How Attached is Your Passive Aggressive Husband to His Mom?

How attached is your passive-aggressive husband to his mother, and how much she influences him? We know that our behaviors are formed by how much love or rejection our mothers give us when we are born and later growing up. But can his present relationship with his mother still influence your passive-aggressive husband’s behavior? The […]

How to know the passive aggression signs?

WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR? We offer here a guide to understanding the hidden motivations that push a person to behave in a passive-aggressive way. You know that this behavior has a very high cost in relationships: basically is a sure-fire way of destroying intimate connections. Provides such a contradiction: how can […]