Passive Aggressive Husband

From a Sexless Marriage to a Real Connection in your Marriage?

We hear again and again that the main frustration women face is the lack of emotional intimacy…and of course, the best bonding comes from making love frequently! Are you interested in more intimacy and romance? Is yours a sexless marriage? Are you now  at a dead end concerning feeling loved by your husband every day? Do […]

How Passive Aggressive Husbands behave so distant?

What is the reason passive-aggressive husbands behave so distant? In any relationship developed with passive-aggressive husbands, any woman finds herself in the frustrating and confusing situation of loving a supposedly mature person who behaves in a very childish manner.  We call it “sabotaging emotional bonds.”  This man, rather than accepting his role as a supportive […]

Catch Him in the Act: Passive Aggressive Behavior Identified!

Passive Aggressive Behavior Identified! Passive Aggressive behavior is a style of communicating negative feelings like anger, resentment, fear, and insecurity without actually expressing those feelings out loud.  The behavior is used almost as a “sneak attack” on the offender, hurting the “offender” without opening oneself up to retribution or vulnerability. Passive-aggressive behavior is used when […]