Ending the Sadness of Passive Aggressive Relationships

    If you are thinking of ending the sadness of your passive aggressive relationship, you are not alone. For many wives of passive aggressive husbands, ending a passive aggressive relationship is often at the center of their thoughts. … [Read more...]

Passive aggression and home duties

  Is your husband using passive aggression to avoid house chores? In a normal marriage, there is always going on a healthy negotiation about shared tasks, sometimes described as “marital division of labor.” Both can agree in a simple … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Your Passive Aggressive Ex-Husband

In general, you need to remember that how parents work with each other after divorce has an impact on how well children will manage. And you do care about how your children develop later in life, and want them to navigate this divorce with the least … [Read more...]

How to Manage Passive Resistance?

There is a nice letter asking to comment on "passive resistance activities" as in, "how can I manage one of my husband's favorite tricks, such as over-promising and never delivering, keeping his passivity and making me believe that he … [Read more...]

Is your Passive Aggressive Spouse Crazy-Making you?

Have you ever had one of those fights with your spouse where you just explode while your mate just looks at you calmly, making you feel like you have lost your mind? He’ll call you crazy and brush off what had made you so upset in the first … [Read more...]