Are Passive Aggressive Holidays Making You Miserable?

If you are living in a passive aggressive marriage, do you feel like you just can’t stand another holiday with this person  but can’t imagine spending a holiday alone?   The holidays often bring on a confusing increase in passive aggressive … [Read more...]

Two To Tango? The Dance of A Passive Aggressive Husband And His Victim Wife

Living with a passive aggressive man is very frustrating because he doesn't follow through on his agreements and promises. He takes on projects but doesn't finish them, then tends to feel put upon or hostile if someone else tries to finish them. His … [Read more...]

Why does my husband repress his emotions?

 If your husband represses emotions, what is left for you to do? We, women, spend much time talking about how we feel. Men instead are used to repress their emotions.  We keep sharing our emotional reactions to life's situations:  who did what to us … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Card from my Hubby to his Mother…

  What show of affection are you getting this year? (FROM AN EMAIL JUST RECEIVED FROM CELINE, A READER....THANKS FOR THIS GORGEOUS EXAMPLE OF PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE COMMUNICATION!)         "I just found that my mother in law is going to get this … [Read more...]

Healing after passive aggressive relationships?

  How can you plan your healing after passive aggressive relationships?    If you have been living for some time within the passive aggressive cycle of abuse, there is some healing to be done! First, let's use a bit of time to go … [Read more...]